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Special Announcements

In The Event Of SNOW....

** PLease note if the school district finds the road too dangerous for students to come to school, our centre will also be closed**

Please listen to the following radio stations & news channels:

CKNW 1130

JRFM 93.7

QMFM 103.5

you can also check out the school districts website at

We will also try and post it on our Facebook and Twitter as soon as possible :)

follow us!!!

Curious Minds Participates in the Governments Child Care Fee Reduction Incentive!! Allowing us to provide lower rates for our families

Childcare, preschool,

Our Mission:


We believe that every family should have access to a quality inclusive childcare setting for their children. By providing a warm, nurturing and safe environment, which allows children the opportunity to nourish their natural love of learning.

We will encourage children to express both positive and negative feelings in appropriate ways. Through appropriate experiences we strive to meet the diverse developmental needs of children, to promote a positive attitude towards life long learning.

Meeting the needs of the family and the whole child, encouraging independence in turn helping them to develop a positive self-concept. We provide a consistent and intriguing environment where we can provide for experiences that facilitate a child's feeling of belonging to family, community and the world at large.

Create a learning environment through play and social interaction these experiences will be child initiated and teacher facilitated through open-ended activities. This developmental approach will be done through play centers, crafts, stories, music and movement, and group times. Provide a safe and happy environment for children that will stimulate their physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth at their own pace


The goal of Curious Minds Learning Centre is to make each child’s first school experience a positive one, encouraging positive feelings about self, the school and environment. Through a variety of centers and play experiences Curious Minds Learning Centre will provide an environment that encourages children to play and work independently and in a group. Curious Minds Learning Centre will provide opportunities for each child’s self-expression and foster their appreciation through language, art, music and dramatic play.

Curious Minds Learning Centre will help children to recognize the rights and property of others and to share, cooperate and solve problems independently. To stimulate each child by providing opportunities for the child to evaluate, apply and recall knowledge in order to bring greater understanding, awareness and curiosity to their thought process. Provide experiences for individuals or groups to share: books, audio-visuals and increase their attention span. Introduce the use of number, letters, concepts of time and develop the ability to think logically and make associations.

Curious Minds Learning Center will keep open lines of communication between parents and teachers about a child’s overall development.

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